Winter inventory is here!

Hello everyone! I know I haven't blogged in a while. This summer has been a little rough for me. I lost my dad in early July which kind of threw everything off. I attended a memorial service for in August. One good thing about it was that it gave me a chance to reconnect will family members I hadn't seen in many years! 

I'm starting to get back on track and in focus. I'm delving into my business full force! I'll be publishing my blogs a lot more, plus putting more effort into creating newsletters to let my customers know what is going on. 

So on that note, I'm letting everyone know of my inventory change once again. This time I'm focusing on stylish men's outer wear specifically catered towards the fall and winter months. Nice thick sports jackets and sports coats. And being that there are quite a few ladies on my email list, I always manage to have a few things in my store for them as well. So this trip I'm featuring some luxurious fur coats catering to different tastes and prices. Real rabbit and mink! Definitely worth taking a look! 

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