The importance of blogging

Hello Shopify family. I'm sorry if I don't post a lot of blogs yet about my store. The truth is that I work quite a bit on my other job and I get home late. However I'm trying my best. I had an online store a few years ago but things are much more involved now. So much now that in fact when someone sent me a couple of Shopify email links back in February of last year, and after I read them and decided I wanted to open up a store again, I didn't open up my store until the end of December. That was due to reading the massive amount of Shopify tutorial and instructional videos. 
Also, almost everything flows through social media. Just ask President Donald Trump! LOL!! But seriously, even though it's not manda
tory that you plug your store in through social media, I can see that when owning an online store you can reach three to four times as many people. And blogging has become a very sophisticated way of doing so because now more than ever, potential buyers want to get a feel for whom they are buying from. Especially since most of the time the do not get to see whom it is they are buying from. 
I will have more time this week to sort of "tie up the loose ends" and make my store more attracting to online shoppers. 

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